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Tips that will Help One to have a Better Understanding of Gender and Sex

For a long time now there has been a debate going on about gender and sex since according to what society has made us understand and term as normal is that there are two existing genders and that’s the male and female respectively.But this has opened quite a conversation since people want to understand where intersex persons should be classified in this societal spectrum.

Nowadays a lot of individuals do not want to identify as binary and most of them want to have the freedom to enjoy gender fluidity which has caused an uproar in very many countries but some western cultures are fully embracing gender fluid individuals since everyone should be given a chance to identify with the gender that they are comfortable with.There are some countries that have very inhumane ways of dealing with gender fluid persons and this should not be the case since every person should have the freedom of expression. You can learn more about gender at or visit this page for more details.

Science hasn’t been able to fully understand intersex person since one can repress the male hormone so that the individual can live like a female but in some cases the male hormone become more apparent and such a person will go through a lot of trauma trying to fit in a certain gender but that’s not who they identify with.A lot of individuals are now identifying themselves as nonbinary since they do not want to conform to the society norms that only the male and female genders exists and this has led an outcry from very many religious groups since they term such people unholy as they are not following Gods teachings.

Sex is commonly assigned when one is born through the external genitalia organs but according to science sex is a very wide spectrum in various species.There are various ways of determing sex such as the genes,chromosomes,hormones and personal identity just to mention a few.How a person identifies will be determined by factors such as interacting whereby a person feels more like a girl and love girly stuff yet they are a boy according to their genitalia and this creates confusion on where such a person should be categorized and as such offering help and loving such a person as they rediscover themselves is the best thing that can happen to them.All in all transgender people are usually those that do not want to identify with the sex they were born with and the society should be more accepting to these people. You can read more on this here:

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